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Forklifts South Australia

All Forklifts from Forklifts South Australia are covered by a standard 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Our warranty covers a free inspection at 1 month or 200 operating hours performed at no charge, except for fluid, lubricant, oil and oil filter replacement costs. Any new components requiring replacement will be new or
factory authorised re-manufactured parts by an accredited Forklifts South Australia dealer.

We also offer extended warranty options that provide increased peace of mind for your forklifts longevity.

Product Specifications

FLSA LPG Petrol 2.0 tonne – 2.5 tonne
FLSA LPG Petrol 3.0 tonne – 3.5 tonne
FLSA LPG Petrol 4.0 tonne – 5.0 tonne
FLSA Diesel 3.0 tonne – 3.5 tonne
FLSA Diesel 4.0 tonne – mini 5.0 tonne
FLSA Diesel 5.0 tonne – 7.0 tonne
FLSA Diesel 16.0 tonne
FLSA Diesel 25.0 tonne